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"Bizarre Bath is weird and wonderful, poking fun at the more eccentric elements of the city, as well as using passers-by in an enormously entertaining piece of street theatre. It's all the work of Noel Britten, JJ and Dominic Searle who have taken their renowned acts all over the world, and who now provide an evening show that is unique to Bath.

On the evening I was there, a group of about 50 people - comprising locals, tourists, day-trippers and passers-by - had assembled at the Huntsman Inn for the start of the walk. Not that you have to do much walking. It's more of a gentle stroll, interrupted by moments of lunacy. It is clear that the show's great success depends much on the presenter's interplay with passers-by."

Evening Chronicle


"Georgian Bath at dusk has an atmosphere that is priceless - as does Bizarre Bath. It blends scripts and ad-libs, while gently ribbing passers-by and international guests (two New Zealanders were "the entire population - who's minding the sheep?). A convivial, under-statedly spectacular evening enjoyable both for locals and tourists and with the ad-libs worth seeing several times."

Venue Magazine



"Readers particularly enjoy the somewhat irreverent Bizarre Bath. More Street Theatre than a typical tour."

The Good Britain Guide



"To gain a very different perspective of Bath you may want to experience Bizarre Bath. A one and a half hour improvisational show around the streets, during which the tour guides pull pranks, tell jokes and behave in a humorously annoying manner towards tour goers and unsuspecting residents alike. No reservations are needed - just show up ready for anything."

Frommers England



"For a comedy walking act - street theatre at its best 'with absolutely no history or culture' follow JJ or Noel Britten on their very creative and entertaining Bizarre Bath walk. Their 90 minute "tour" which plays off local passers-by as well as tour members is a kick (heavy on magic, careful to insult all kinds of minorities and sensitivities, just racy enough but still good family fun)."

Rick Steve


"It's a great idea, superbly executed and should be on every visitor's itinerary."

Choice Magazine


"The height of hilarity."

Folio Magazine


"Probably - no, make that definitely - the most entertaining hour and a half I have ever spent in England... easily the best entertainment value in Britain."

Bill Stainton NBC-TV


"A mystical magical tour - pure magic."

The Independent





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