Frequently Asked Questions...


In light of the Corona Virus, we are NOT operating at the moment - please check back here for updates as to when we will be running in light of Governmental guidelines. They say laughter is the best medicine - but we'll play it safe while the Corona Virus is around! We look forward to bringing belly laughs back to Bath as soon as possible. 19th March 2020.


How long does the show last?
This depends very much on the size of the group. On average it lasts about 90 minutes but with a larger crowd it takes a little longer. Bank Holiday Sundays are our busiest nights, followed by Saturdays, and July - August generally.



Is the show wheelchair/pushchair friendly?
The vast majority of the walk is on level ground with only kerbstones and single steps to negotiate. There is one point where a large flight of (39) steps has to be negotiated. In the past these steps could be avoided by use of a public lift. This season, due to construction work, the lift is not available. However we do return the same way shortly afterwards. It means that anyone in a wheelchair would have to wait there, missing one of the set pieces of the Walk, until we return approximately 12-15 minutes later. As this situation is beyond our control, but we feel badly that anyone affected would not see the entire show we are not charging anyone in a wheelchair this season.



What happens if it is raining?
We go on regardless, so bring an umbrella! We do have a minimum number of people needed (10) for the walk to go ahead - but this situation is a rarity rather than a norm.



What should we do if we plan to bring a large group?
We define a group as 15+ people. If you plan to bring a group of this size we do appreciate a warning as we try to 'stagger' groups over different evenings so that the numbers do not become unmanageable on any one night - please email to let us know the size of group, and date you plan to attend. There is a group rate for groups of 15+, as long as the group leader collects the money from everyone they represent at the beginning of the walk.


Is the show suitable for children?
We've had many children on the walk, and although it's not designed for children, they've all enjoyed it so far!


How good does our English have to be to enjoy the show?
A good knowledge of English will definitely enhance your enjoyment of the show. Most of the humour is verbal, and some is based on slang or word play. Whilst there is visual comedy on the walk - someone who has little knowledge of English would be slightly confused!


Any further questions please email 

No pre-booking required
Price: 10.00, students 7.00